The many volunteer broadcasters of WMNR are its lifeblood. We owe them our thanks for their many hours of service to the cause of classical and fine arts music. Unlike most classical radio stations, the broadcasters at WMNR choose the music that they present.

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David Aldrich                  Kurt Anderson          Beatrice Asken                Bill Battista
Diana Blase                     John Carle                 David Citronberg             Will Duchon
Ron Dudak                      Jeane Eddy                Doug Fox                        Gary Gerard
                                         Dick Hageman          Jay Harris                        Susan Kennedy
Dan Lenore                      Darrow Loucks         Mario Mesi
Joanne Moryl                   Ellen Parrella             Susan Prince
Parker Prout                     Wendell Rector         John Ryden                      Anne Schwaikert
Mike Shakinovsky           Peter Shimkin            Garrett Stack                    H. William Stine
Fred Velardi                     James Wright           

National Programs on WMNR

Peter Van De Graff               Bill McGlaughlin           Robert Aubry Davis              John Zech


Kurt Anderson - General Manager
email: kanderson (at)   203-268-9667 ext 103

Carol Babina - Assistant General Manager and Development Director
email:   203-268-9667

Jane Stadler - Operations Director
email:   203-268-9667 ext 105

John Babina - Technical Director (volunteer)

Mark Morton – Engineering and I.T.
email:   203-268-9667 ext 124

Rose Ryan - Membership Director
email:   203-268-9667 ext 114

Dianne Orlando - Membership Coordinator
email:   203-268-9667  ext 119

Karen Dauk - Accountant
email:   203-268-9667   ext 116 

Rosalind Friedman - Theater Critic

Bob Craig - Board Operator

Luecella Tondreau - Board Operator

Humphrey Bryson - Board Operator

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