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Underwriting Representative Job Opening

WMNR has an opening for a part-time, paid position as an Underwriting Representative. Underwriting refers to the paid announcements from businesses and non-profit organizations that are heard on public radio. Underwriting income provides support for the programs and operations of WMNR Fine Arts Radio. This is a part-time salaried sales position with no benefits. 

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We are seeking classical broadcasters!
Q: I am a listener, why are you inviting me to be a broadcaster?!  A: Most of our broadcasters were listeners before they were broadcasters! Read first-hand accounts of how four of our listeners became our broadcasters.

“I have listened to WMNR since its inception as a classical music station in 1982. As a lifelong classical music devotee, I particularly responded to the tastes of some of the broadcasters who I knew got to choose their programs and strayed from the usual top 50 format of other stations. As I faced retirement as a practicing physician, I was looking to pursue something else besides medicine to keep my mind active. I called Kurt and asked if he had an opening. Indeed he did. It has been a great experience. The staff is friendly and supportive. I have learned to be passable on-air; it was a struggle at first. I have had to learn broadcasting technology at the station and new applications of my home computers to download musical material, edit it and sometimes record it...ALL GOOD! Best of all, I have had to listen to a lot of wonderful new music in order to build programs with variety. If you enjoy classical music, the opportunity to share it with others shouldn't be missed.”
Peter Shimkin
Tuesdays, Noon to 3:00 pm
Editor’s note: We find Peter more than “passable” on air!

“I listened to WMNR for more than ten years before joining the station as a classical music host in 2015. Since my training is in classical music I avoid stations where classical music is homogeneous and bland (which is most of them). Hosts on WMNR develop their own programming and individual time slots have considerable personality as a result. The opportunity to share brief insights about particular pieces and performances and to share my favorite recordings is irresistible. Join us!”
Jeffrey Johnson
Sundays, 9:00 am to Noon and Curator, Evening at the Opera

“My family and I moved from New Canaan to Norwalk, CT in 2003. I was a regular listener of WQXR in New York at the time. Even though our move was less than two miles, I was able to get WMNR on my living room FM radio for the first time. I was attracted by the absence of commercials on WMNR and the programming included more complete symphonies and concertos than other stations. I became a regular listener after 3 or 4 months.

Sometime later, there was an article in the Sunday New York Times titled "Four great things about living in Connecticut" and one of them was WMNR Fine Arts Radio. When I read the article and saw the photo of Kurt Anderson, General Manager, included, I recalled that Kurt had attended YMCA Camp Mohawk in Litchfield County, CT as a boy and that I had been his cabin counselor that summer. My recall of this was based on my delight in having met his dad Leroy Anderson, whose music I was familiar with. I emailed Kurt about this reminiscence and mentioned that I was a musician of sorts and enjoyed the station. He informed me that their broadcasters were volunteers with different backgrounds, and if I might be interested myself to contact Jane Stadler, Operations Director. I did at the end of 2005 and became a regular host on the station in 2006.”
Parker Prout
Thursdays, 8:00 am to Noon

“I started working for WMNR when the station was broadcasting from Masuk High School in Monroe, CT back in 1983. At the time I was not a listener, I used to listen to the New York Times classical station WQXR. I became involved as a volunteer broadcaster on advice of the psycho-therapist I was seeing. My 34 years at WMNR have been very rewarding for me, and my appreciation for great music has been enhanced many, many fold since.”
Bill Battista
Sundays, 6:00 am to 9:00 am 

Listening to Music by Will Duchon
In “Leaves of Grass,” Whitman writes about wandering “in paths untrodden,” where his soul is fed “by tongues aromatic” among the unexplored and unspoiled growth beside a quiet pond. The idea here is about being intentional. It’s about breaking away from the norm and the familiar conformities, and discovering overlooked sources of beauty. With a little imagination, this idea can be applied to our experience of listening to, and broadcasting, music. (article continues here

Six WMNR broadcasters share their programs on-demand 
Will Duchon of Friday Evening Classics offers some of his programs The Night Café and Words & Music, as does H. William Stine of Turntable for One.  Each of the shows of Garrett Stack, both Broadway Bound and American Jukebox, are available to listeners after they air.  They join Jay Harris who made 19 of his One Great Song programs available. Peter Shimkin has put some of his Evening at the Opera programs up as well.  Haven't yet tried listening yet?  It's simply a recording of a radio program, archived on the internet, available for listening anytime you are online.   

WMNR Annual Report
To find out more about the station, please peruse our four-page WMNR Annual Report by clicking here.

WMNR's Videos

To celebrate our 30th Anniversary, WMNR Fine Arts Radio produced a video featuring 27 broadcasters and staff. The piece is a loving tribute that gives you an inside look at the people who make up the station. Produced by WMNR’s own H. William Stine, with Associate Producer Megan Stine. To view the video, click the photo.

After H. William Stine and Megan Stine produced the WMNR 30th Anniversary video, they teamed up again for a slightly less serious, but completely accurate, look at our broadcasters. To view the video, click the photo.

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