Fall Fundraising Drive  

It is one of those few times during the year when we ask our listeners to pitch in and support our mission here at Fine Arts Radio.  From October 17 to 25 we will be on air from time to time appealing to you for your financial support to keep us broadcasting the best of the best. We are unique in southern New England and we can't keep the music going without you! 

WMNR Streaming on Demand

As we've shared in the past, Will Duchon of Friday Evening Classics offers his programs The Night Café and Words & Music to be heard on the internet as streaming on demand, as does H. William Stine of Turntable for One.  This month we're pleased to tell you that Garrett Stack of Broadway Bound and American Jukebox is also archiving his programs after they air and making them available to listeners.  They join Jay Harris who put 19 of his One Great Song programs available. Haven't yet tried listening yet?  It's simply a recording of a radio program, archived on the internet, available for listening anytime you are online.  These three fantastic WMNR broadcasters all stream their programs at Public Radio Exchange, found at prx.org.  

Click on each program below for a direct link


The Night Cafe

Words and Music

Turntable for One

Broadway Bound

American Jukebox

One Great Song

WMNR's Dianne Orlando

Our Membership Coordinator, Dianne Orlando joined the WMNR staff five years ago.  She processes listener contributions, assists Rosemarie Ryan with various tasks and writes up PSAs of concerts and events in our listening area.  You may recognize her name from Pledge Weeks; she is one of our on-air voices asking listeners for their support.  She is also the person to call if you'd like to volunteer during Pledge Week (203-268-9667).

"Working at WMNR means enjoying and learning from each broadcaster's unique taste andknowledge of classical music (and folk, jazz, Big Band, Broadway and classic rock n' roll).  I'm lucky to be in their midst."  Dianne enjoys sunset walks, time with her husband, two grown daughters and, of course, her Grand-dog, Beau. 

Theatre Reviews with Rosalind Friedman 

Summertime is theater-going season for many, especially in WMNR's listening area with its proximity to New York City.  Rosalind Friedman has been WMNR's theater critic since 1979 and is an Executive Board/Nominating Committee member of the New York-based Outer Critics Circle, a member of the International American Theatre Critics Association and a founding member of the Connecticut Critics Circle.  As you make your plans, click below for Rosalind's current reviews and check back over the next few weeks for new reviews.



WMNR's Anniversary Video

To celebrate our 30th Anniversary there is a WMNR Fine Arts Radio video featuring 27 broadcasters and staff. It is a loving tribute that gives you an inside look at the people who make up the station. Produced by WMNR’s own H. William Stine, with Associate Producer Megan Stine. To view the video click the photo.




To read WMNR's Theatre Reviews with Rosalind Friedman  click here


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